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Racial Justice through Expanded Choice

Decoupling where students receive education from where they live is key to undoing the system's racist roots.

Equity and English Learners Post-Pandemic

State leaders should ramp up supports for EL students and their families.

Teacher Diversity and Student Success

State policymakers should name diversity as a marker of teacher quality.

Designing for Equity

It takes a whole community to lift up policies and practices that support equity and end those that don't.

Achieving Racial Justice in PreK-12 Education

Progress is possible. Back to normal is not good enough.

The Role of Technology in Reimagining School

Pandemic or no, states ought to press for better technology for personalized learning and making staff and students safer.

Transforming Learning through Competency-Based Education

States are adopting a range of policies to personalize student learning and move away from seat-time rules.

Kansas Schools Build Resilience amid Redesign

Schools opt to change their approaches to learning and see gains in adaptability.