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State Innovations

Multiracial group of teachers walking in school hallway. Image credit: iStock i
February 2024Vol. 29, No. 1

Strengthening the Principal Pipeline through State Leadership Academies

Missouri, Delaware, and North Carolina have developed evidence-based professional learning for current and prospective school leaders to increase their effectiveness and reduce turnover.

June 2023Volume 28, No. 1

Georgia and Massachusetts Advance Dyslexia Screening and Intervention

State boards can advocate for more young children to be screened for dyslexia and ensure that identified students receive effective interventions, as those in Massachusetts and Georgia have done.

October 2022Volume 27, No. 1

States Sketch 'Portraits of a Graduate'

While their entry points and approaches to the work differ, South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, and Washington have all drawn up profiles that many call the North Star of their state education systems.

August 2021Volume 26, No. 2

Michigan Adds Certificate for Birth to Kindergarten Teachers

A detail of how the Michigan State Board of Education, working closely with the state education agency, is expanding opportunities to improve early educators’ preparation.

April 2021Volume 26, No. 1

State Boards Seek Increased Educator Diversity

This NASBE analysis highlights four states—Connecticut, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and North Carolina—that have taken significant steps to increase educator diversity.

December 2020Volume 25, No. 2

State Boards Advance Equity Agendas in Challenging Times

State boards of education are uniquely placed to help eliminate the political divides that impede decisive action to end inequities in learning. Nebraska, New York, and North Carolina are three states pushing for meaningful change in their state systems.

February 2020Volume 25, No. 1

Kansas State Board Confronts Youth Vaping

The usage of vaping products among middle school students has increased at alarming rates. Federal and state policymakers are addressing this crisis, including in Kansas, where the state board of education acted quickly to engage stakeholders on curbing youth vaping.

June 2019Volume 24, No. 2

Michigan Narrows Licensure Bands to Improve Early Learning

Michigan jettisoned its broad elementary teaching licenses in favor of preK-3 and 3-6 licenses that will better equip new teachers with developmentally appropriate knowledge and skills.

June 2019Volume 24, No. 3

Utah Banks on Statewide Approach to Adopting Education Technology

The Utah State Board of Education helped its school districts ensure that teachers and leaders have the capacity and skills to deliver digital learning in the classroom.