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Understanding Who Is Missing and Why

The pandemic only magnified chronic absence among students with the greatest needs and made the problem harder to ignore.

Trauma-Informed Practices: A Whole-School Policy Framework

State leaders can ensure that more school staff are equipped to help children deal with the effects of trauma.

Reengaging High School Students through Career Academies

When built around four key elements, academies deliver rigorous, relevant learning tied to students' career aspirations.

How State Leaders Can Stand Up for the COVID Generation of High Schoolers

Families need better data on students' academic progress; students need meaningful learning experiences and better information on postsecondary options.

Chronic Absence: A Call for Deeper Student and Family Engagement

Connecticut's experience underscores the value of a positive, systemic approach to improving attendance.

Centering School Connectedness

High schools are creating student success teams that prioritize relationships and leverage actionable data to reconnect students to school.

Getting Students Engaged in Learning

Targeted interventions and savvy classroom practices, coupled with supportive state policy, can draw disengaged students back in.

Telltale Signs of Rigor and Career Readiness in High School

State boards can take a lesson from schools that already dish up rigorous assignments in college- and career-ready courses alike and ensure more schools do it.

A New Architecture for High School Learning

State leaders should retire the Carnegie unit and open the door for high school designs that ensure learning is engaging, relevant, experiential, and competency based.