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The Standard - Article

States Experiment with Assessment through Innovative Pilots

Five states received federal waivers for regular assessments so they could pilot assessment systems in select districts or schools over five years.

How a Crisis Can Transform Learning, Teaching, and Assessment

State policymakers should take the opportunity to reimagine their education systems.

We Should Listen to the Canaries

How alternate assessments for students with disabilities and English learners can point us toward better systems for all.

Four Test Questions for State Boards

These questions can help frame conversations on assessment approval and intersections with state accountability.

A Shifting Landscape for State Testing

It is important to understand the history of state summative assessment in the United States.

Performance Assessments: Promises and Pitfalls

By learning from the past, state boards can add depth and relevance to their assessment systems.

Breakthrough or Breakdown? School Accountability in Flux

Time to steer systems toward better balance and coherence.

Test-Based Accountability in Distressed Times

State leaders should stick with their assessments because they improve student learning and school performance.

School Discipline Reform Is Still Needed, but Is Discipline Policy Still the Solution?

Addressing disparities requires a broader, deeper look at school culture, process, and practice.