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Preparing Pre-K Teachers: Policy Considerations and Strategies

Four practices to increase the pool of skilled early educators stand out as promising.

Creating State Education Systems That Value Student Cultures

State boards can set the stage for learning environments that connect and engage all students.

Ensuring Equity in Grow-Your-Own Programs

State-level criteria for programs' design can yield better outcomes in preparing and retaining diverse teachers.

Teacher Recruitment and Retention in Missouri

State leaders commit to efforts to attract and keep teachers in the classroom.

Teacher Preparation for Whole-Child Design

State leaders have a role in ensuring that educator preparation both models and reflects the science of learning and development.

Licensure Tests as Barriers to the Profession

States should explore better means of assessing teachers' classroom readiness.

A Data-Driven Approach to Staffing Schools

Lowering teacher standards may fail to solve actual pipeline problems and can create new ones.

The Uneven Landscape of Teacher Preparation

State statutes impede students' equitable access to profession-ready teachers.

Five Trends Shaping the Teaching Force

State policymakers looking to increase recruitment and retention should keep an eye on these long-term trends.