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Education Leaders Reports

November 2021Volume 7, No. 1

How States Are Handling Lead in School Drinking Water

This NASBE analysis details how statewide efforts to test for lead in school drinking water vary across the country.

July 2020Volume 4, No. 1

Start Strong: Supporting Early Childhood Education through Policy

State boards of education can leverage their existing authority to ensure that all early learners have access to a quality education. This report is a product of a workgroup NASBE convened on early childhood education.

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February 2018Volume 4, No. 1

Advancing Personalized Learning through Effective Use and Protection of Student Data

Personalized learning creates new opportunities for students and fresh concerns over student data privacy.

January 2018Volume 4, No. 1

The Role of State Boards in Improving Early Childhood Education

State boards have authority that positions them to be key players in improving early education.

October 2016Volume 4, No. 4

School Surveillance: The Consequences for Equity and Privacy

School surveillance poses challenges for equity and student data privacy. The authors suggest six principles to guide state policymakers toward effective policies that balance these challenges with the school safety benefits.

October 2016Volume 4, No. 3

Opportunities in ESSA for Improving Early Education

A detailed look at the ESSA provisions pertaining to early childhood education and ways states boards can turn those opportunities into action.

July 2016Volume 2, No. 2

How States Can Advance Deeper Learning for All

States can ensure equitable access to deeper learning skills in the classroom by leveraging resources, rigor, and educational experiences.

April 2016Volume 2, No. 1

Policymaking on Education Data Privacy: Lessons Learned

Amelia Vance outlines key lessons policymakers to contemplate to avoid unintended consequences of actions to protect student data privacy.

August 2015Volume 1, No. 2

Advancing School Discipline Reform

Punitive school discipline and zero-tolerance policies impede student achievement, and there are supportive, evidence-based disciplinary strategies to supplant them.