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Boardmanship Reviews

August 2023

Parliamentary Procedures: Key to Democratic Decision Making on State Boards

State boards of education often have important responsibilities for decisions on education policy, among other duties that require consensus. A grasp of the basic elements of parliamentary procedure is therefore important for the well-equipped board member.

January 2020

Learning to Lead for Equity

Many state boards of education put equity at the center of their missions. This piece highlights the work of our Leading for Equity and Excellence Program (LEEP) and how it has coached state boards to be equity leaders.

June 2019

Defining and Defending State Board Authority

State board members should act early and often to articulate their board’s vital role in achieving excellence and equity for all students.

June 2019

Working with the Governor

Governors and state boards can make real advances in education policy when they work together, with the governor articulating broad goals for education and the state board developing the policy infrastructure to support those goals.

June 2017

Working with the Media

Board members can work with the media to help communicate important decisions to stakeholders and build public trust.

June 2017

Building Partnerships in the Education Community

Successful engagement creates a sense of buy-in and shared ownership of the state’s vision and strategic plan for education.

July 2016

Conflict of Interest

How state boards can avoid conflicts of interest and the appearance of such conflicts.

July 2016

Building Partnerships with the State Legislature

The interests of students are usually best served when state legislatures and state boards view education policymaking as a shared responsibility.

February 2016

State Boards: Critical Link to Quality Public Education

As they advocate for a quality education for every child, state boards have four key roles.