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Power of the Question

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October 2020Volume 4, No. 2

Five Questions State Boards Should Ask about Civics Education Reform

Civics education has seen short shrift in recent years. State boards can do more to ensure that K-12 students are prepared to be thoughtful, engaged citizens.

June 2020Volume 4, No. 1

Six Questions State Boards Should Ask to Foster Effective Digital Learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has illuminated and exacerbated gaps implementing online learning effectively for all students. State boards can ask questions to better assess technology use in their states.

March 2019Volume 3, No 1

Five Questions State Boards Should Ask to Advance College and Career Readiness

State boards can leverage dual enrollment opportunities, rigorous coursework, new graduation pathways, course alignment with high-opportunity careers, skill building for the jobs of the future, and tracking of student attainment after graduation to expand college and career readiness.

August 2017Volume 1, No 2

Seven Questions Boards Should Ask about School Leadership

Seven questions state boards of education and other policymakers should ask when considering school leadership policies.

March 2017Volume 24, No. 2

Seven Questions Boards Should Ask About Their ESSA State Plans

This analysis lays out seven big questions board members should have answered before they vote on their state's ESSA plan.

April 2016Volume 23, No. 11

Take It Off the Consent Agenda: Nine Questions State Boards of Education Should Ask about State Assessment Systems

State boards of education have the primary authority over choosing summative assessments in 31 states. This policy update urges comprehensive state board involvement in the development of state assessment systems and lays out nine big questions board members should address before they adopt a new state assessment system