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Policy Updates

January 2017Volume 24, No. 1

ESSA Stakeholder Engagement: Early Challenges and Promising Practices

This NASBE policy update identifies five common challenges in engaging this extensive list of stakeholders, and highlights several promising practices states are using to address them. 

December 2016Volume 23, No. 25

Advancing the Early Learning Workforce through State Policies

This NASBE policy update examines the US preschool workforce skills gap and outlines ways state boards can strengthen policies to advance the early education workforce and ensure a high-quality education for preschool learners.

November 2016Volume 23, No. 24

The Impact of the 2016 Elections on State Boards of Education

The election of 2016 is generally acknowledged to be a “change” election. Voters chose a new president and ended years of divided  government by giving control of the House, the Senate, and the White House to Republicans. Did the “change” message affect the selection of new members of state boards of education?

October 2016Volume 23, No. 23

Early Care and Education Legislation in 2016

This policy update provides a rundown of state legislative action on early education in 2016, plus important trends.

ESSA and At-Risk Student Populations: A NASBE Policy Update Series

ESSA provides opportunities to act on behalf of five at-risk student populations: students with disabilities, migrant youth, students in the foster care system, English language learners, and homeless youth. This NASBE policy update series suggests strategies that state boards of education can use to help these at-risk student populations.

June 2016Volume 23, No. 17

States Move toward Computer Science Standards

This NASBE Policy Update outlines what states need to consider as they develop computer science standards and improve instruction, highlighting several promising state efforts already under way.

June 2016Volume 23, No. 16

State Strategies for Summer Nutrition

Children with limited or uncertain access to meals experience more health-related behavioral and academic challenges than their peers. Federally funded summer nutrition programs are designed to ensure low-income students receive healthy meals all summer long. This policy update explains what state boards can do to expand the reach of summer nutrition programs.

June 2016Volume 23, No. 15

New Opportunities to Support Student Health under ESSA

This NASBE Policy Update explains how states can take advantage of ESSA’s provisions to more fully integrate health into education policy and practice.