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Policy Updates

June 2016Volume 23, No. 14

Career Readiness and CTE in a Post-NCLB World

Despite policymakers’ efforts to integrate and align core academics with career technical education, the two disciplines remain stubbornly separate in many states. But there are ways states can propel students toward postsecondary success by viewing academic and career programs as a single track.

May 2016Volume 23, No. 13

Trends in Student Data Privacy Bills in 2016

This analysis describes key elements in education data legislation introduced or passed this year and notes some states to watch.

December 2016Volume 23, No. 12

Flexibility for Streamlining Tests

States can take advantage of existing funding and new ESSA guidance to ensure the quality of their assessment frameworks. This policy update highlights two states—Illinois and Tennessee—that have taken the initiative to evaluate their systems.

March 2016

NASBE Standards-Based Leadership Framework: A Policy Update Series

This series of NASBE policy updates highlights the importance of consistency across policies to ensure effective, efficient learning systems and successful ESSA implementation.

March 2016Volume 23, No. 3

State Policy's Role in Reversing Trend toward Punitive Discipline

State boards of education have the potential to stem the school to prison pipeline through reforming punitive discipline policy. Using their convening power and policymaking authority, state boards can coordinate the efforts of educators, mental health professionals, and law enforcement officials to create more equitable measures and improve school climate.

February 2016Volume 23, No. 2

Beyond College Readiness: College Awareness as a First Step

This policy update highlights two state boards of education—Washington and Idaho—that have proactively sought to prepare students better for continuing their educations after high school.

January 2016Volume 23, No. 1

Shift in Emphasis in New Standards for Educational Leaders

This NASBE Policy Update compares the new Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (PSEL), with the ISLLC standards and outlines what states will need to consider as they implement changes instituted by the Every Student Succeeds Act.

November 2015Volume 22, No. 11

Promoting Student Achievement through Improved Health Policy

Education and health outcomes are linked. Yet despite a growing body of evidence tying health to academic achievement, many school systems have not established and coordinated policies, processes, and practices that will improve both health and learning of all students. State boards of education have a role to play in facilitating this effort.