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Safe and Healthy Schools

Policy Update

Coordinating an Improved Response to Allergic Reactions in School

Allergic reactions in school settings still threaten the lives of students with alarming frequency. This Policy Update outlines state and federal requirements for stocking epinephrine and recommendations for state board members to ensure proper implementation.

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Education Leaders Reports

Advancing School Discipline Reform

Punitive school discipline and zero-tolerance policies impede student achievement, and there are supportive, evidence-based disciplinary strategies to supplant them.

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The Standard

Unfinished Business: Addressing Unequal Opportunities in Education

Student achievement gaps in the United States have persisted, though not at static levels, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. And while the degree to which any particular factor gets blame or credit for widening or narrowing the gaps is debatable, the authors in this issue of The State EducationĀ Standard agree that differences […]

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Also from NASBE

How Schools Work, And How to Work with Schools

How Schools Work and How to Work with Schools demystifies public education for policymakers, government officials, community members, business leaders, and others interested in partnering with schools to improve the health, safety, and well-being of all students and ensure they are successful in their academic pursuits.

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