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Education Technology

Press Release

State Guidance Addresses Equity Implications of Distance Learning during COVID-19

State guidance addresses equity concerns and accessibility of instruction for all students, time spent in online learning, teacher resources and support, and services for students with disabilities.

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State Innovations

Utah Banks on Statewide Approach to Adopting Education Technology

The Utah State Board of Education helped its school districts ensure that teachers and leaders have the capacity and skills to deliver digital learning in the classroom.

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Policy Update

States Move toward Computer Science Standards

This NASBE Policy Update outlines what states need to consider as they develop computer science standards and improve instruction, highlighting several promising state efforts already under way.

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Education Leaders Reports

Policymaking on Education Data Privacy: Lessons Learned

Amelia Vance outlines key lessons policymakers to contemplate to avoid unintended consequences of actions to protect student data privacy.

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