College, Career, and Civic Readiness

The Standard - Article

California's Transitional Kindergarten: Lessons Learned

States can learn from California's statewide launch of transitional kindergarten, which has impacts on other ECE providers, workforce preparation and compensation, professional development, funding, and program evaluation, as well as implications for system governance.

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The Standard

Preschool for All

The state role in early education keeps growing. This Standard details the ways that states have expanded access to quality preschool, the research that supports these efforts, and the growing pains these initiatives are likely to experience.

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Press Release

States Increase Focus on Critical Media Literacy Skills

NASBE analysis identifies six key questions for state leaders to ask to advance media literacy standards.

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Power of the Question

Six Questions to Advance Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship

Adolescents consume a lot of screen media, which exposes them to potentially harmful media messages that impacts their physical, mental, and social well-being. Read how some states are equipping students with skills to navigate a complex media landscape.

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Press Release

States’ Early Learning Initiatives in 2023 Seed 2024 Plans

A new NASBE Policy Update examines state actions in on early childhood education in 2023.

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Policy Update

State Advances in Early Childhood Education Seed Plans for 2024

In 2023, several states made significant strides toward universal pre-K, increased funding and support for early educators, and improved literacy and math instruction.

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Participate: EdTech Advisory Group

We invite members and board staff to join EdTech advisory group to share insights and state policy trends and provide feedback on NASBE's educational technology initiatives.

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Advancing State Policy to Support Students with Dyslexia

Join us for a conversation about about the journey California, Georgia, and Wisconsin have taken to pass policy addressing the needs of students with dyslexia.

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Early Literacy Work Group

NASBE formed the Early Literacy Work Group so that state board members and staff can learn from national experts about early-literacy trends and research and from other states that have employed effective policies and practices to increase young children’s reading success.

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