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Joseph Hedger

Joseph (Joey) Hedger supports the writing, editing, and production of NASBE’s publications, including the State Education Standard. He also works on the health and wellness and early childhood education policy areas, staffs NASBE’s Public Education Positions Committee, and has written on topics such as early literacy, lead in drinking water, and substance abuse. Previously, he was assistant editor at the American Correctional Association, where he edited its magazine Corrections Today and wrote on correctional programs and practices. Born and raised in Florida, Hedger moved to Virginia after receiving a bachelor’s degree in English from Palm Beach Atlantic University.

Latest Contributions

Empowering Families to Improve Youth Mental Health

By Celina Pierrottet and Joseph Hedger

State education leaders can foster children’s mental health by increasing families’ preparedness and awareness of available resources and activities.

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Beyond Testing for Lead in Drinking Water: Implications for Funding

By Joseph Hedger

While most states encourage or require schools to test for lead in drinking water, funding to sustain remediation lags—despite significant federal grants designed to boost those efforts.

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Georgia and Massachusetts Advance Dyslexia Screening and Intervention

By Joseph Hedger

State boards can advocate for more young children to be screened for dyslexia and ensure that identified students receive effective interventions, as those in Massachusetts and Georgia have done.

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Supporting School Efforts to Combat Substance Abuse

By Joseph Hedger

Mortality rates from overdose in adolescents rose by 94 percent in 2020, largely due to illicit fentanyl.

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Education Drives State and Federal Elections in 2022

By Abigail Potts and Joseph Hedger

In 2022, voters across the U.S. elected 28 new state board members and nine new governors.