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Celina Pierrottet

Celina Pierrottet joined NASBE as a research and policy associate to support the school health portfolio. Her work involves analyzing and tracking state action, national research, and evolving issues to inform state board work. After earning a Master of Arts in Education from the College of William and Mary, Pierrottet spent six years in the classroom as a middle school and high school social studies teacher. As a teacher, she participated in multiple curriculum development projects, including interdisciplinary learning and competency-based instruction. As part of her transition to education policy, Celina earned a Master of Public Administration at George Mason University, researching trauma-informed teaching practices, supports for student mental health and wellness, and other school climate topics.

Latest Contributions

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Engaging Youth in Education Policymaking

By Celina Pierrottet

More than 400 students now serve as members of state boards of education or state advisory councils in 33 states. Learn how states are elevating student voice and leadership in education policymaking.

Building Trauma-Informed School Systems

By Celina Pierrottet

This analysis highlights ways states can embed trauma-informed practices in mandated teacher training and ensure that schools reduce the risks to teachers from STS.

Student Engagement Collaborative

By Celina Pierrottet

The COVID-19 pandemic upended education as we knew it, disrupting the lives of students across the nation. No adult can fully understand what being a student during the pandemic has been like, which only reinforces the need for engaging students in pandemic recovery policy discussions. NASBE’s Student Engagement Collaborative, launching in August 2022, aims to […]