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Celina Pierrottet

Celina Pierrottet manages NASBE’s work on student wellness. She oversees grant projects and member services that provide state policymakers with evidence-based practices and technical assistance to ensure all students can learn and thrive in healthy school environments. After earning a Master of Arts in Education from the College of William and Mary, Pierrottet spent six years in the classroom as a middle school and high school social studies teacher. As a teacher, she participated in multiple curriculum development projects, including interdisciplinary learning and competency-based instruction. As part of her transition to education policy, Celina earned a Master of Public Administration at George Mason University, researching trauma-informed teaching practices, supports for student mental health and wellness, and other school climate topics.

Latest Contributions

Serious couple with son in a deep conversation with family counselor. Multiethnic parents talking about adoption with their counselor. Family at the financial planning consultation.

Empowering Families to Improve Youth Mental Health

By Celina Pierrottet and Joseph Hedger

State education leaders can foster children’s mental health by increasing families’ preparedness and awareness of available resources and activities.

Image Credit: iStock; Description: The counselor listens to the young adult and takes notes for their next meeting.

States Face Challenges Building a School Mental Health Workforce

By Celina Pierrottet

Challenges persist in attracting and retaining this school-based mental health professionals, but some states, including Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, Michigan, and others, are making progress.

Building Bridges for Student Mental Health

By Celina Pierrottet

Building Bridges for Student Mental Health is a joint initiative of the National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) with the goal of establishing and enhancing productive, collaborative, and trustworthy relationships between state education leaders, medical experts, and families to improve student mental health. The COVID-19 pandemic […]

Healthy School Facilities Network

By Celina Pierrottet

The National Association of State Boards of Education has created the Healthy School Facilities Network (HSFN) to build and enhance the capacity of states to provide healthy school facilities. A 2021 NASBE landscape analysis of state-level programs for testing lead in school drinking water found states encounter challenges in the areas of outreach and coordination, transparent communication, […]

Photo Credit: iStock

Engaging Youth in Education Policymaking

By Celina Pierrottet

More than 400 students now serve as members of state boards of education or state advisory councils in 33 states. Learn how states are elevating student voice and leadership in education policymaking.