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The State Education Standard

Cover Image for January 2020 Standard
January 2020Volume 20, No. 1

Fostering Arts-Rich Schools

There are many good reasons for state boards to pay attention to the depth and breadth of instruction their schools offer in music, drama, theater, dance, and media arts.

Cover image for September 2019 Standard
September 2019Volume 19, No 3

Getting Students Career Ready

Every student needs academic and technical skills to prepare them for life and every student needs to plant their feet on a career pathway during their K-12 journey.

May 2019 Standard Cover
May 2019Volume 19, No 2

Moving the Needle on Literacy

To move the needle on literacy, state policymakers must consider the full spectrum of research and focus on high-quality teacher preparation, continuous professional development, and rich curriculum to meet the needs of all students.

January 2019Volume 19, No. 1

Student Safety and Wellness

The horrific school shootings in Florida and elsewhere in 2018 sparked new rounds of questioning across the country about how to prevent such tragedies and keep students safe.

September 2018Volume 18, No. 3

Getting to the Core of School Finance

While most state boards do not directly make funding decisions in their states, they still have the opportunity to review budget requests and appropriations and provide guidance to school districts to ensure that school spending is adequate to serve the needs of all students.

May 2018Volume 18, No. 2

Fresh Start on School Improvement

Through the Every Student Succeeds Act, state policymakers can reset how they address low-performing schools and provide support by capitalizing on the added flexibility and approaches already adopted in many states and districts.

January 2018Volume 18, No. 1

Stepping Up for Early Childhood Education

The impact of early childhood education is undeniable. Yet access to high-quality early education across the country remains uneven, and many children still enter elementary school unprepared.

September 2017Volume 17, No. 3

Building on State ESSA Plans

After submitting their plans for implementing the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in 2017, states face challenges in ensuring the implementation of their plans keep faith with the spirit of ESSA.