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The State Education Standard

May 2017Volume 17, No. 2

Aligning a Standards-Based System

The Every Student Succeeds Act gives state boards of education an opportunity to reevaluate, improve, and align education policies to student learning standards to drive a comprehensive system of improvement for all schools.

January 2017Volume 17, No. 1

Charter Schools

State boards of education must think more systematically about how charter schools fit into their overall vision for education and offer guardrails for decision making.

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September 2016Volume 16, No. 3

The Future of Schools

As they look to the future of schools, state boards of education must ask the “what if” questions necessary to shape policies that can help ensure students have the opportunities to enter their own futures with confidence.

May 2016Volume 16, No. 2

The Power of Data

Data collection is a tool that serves states’ students, educators, and policymakers. States must learn to leverage “the power of data” in education while fulfilling the obligation to protect student privacy.

January 2016Volume 16, No. 1

Measuring Up: Recalibrating Systems of Assessment

Given the policy reset reflected in the newly minted Every Student Succeeds Act, state boards of education now face greater responsibility for assessments and determining their role in state accountability systems.

September 2015Volume 15, No. 3

Preparing Teachers and Leaders

State education policymakers viewing the school landscape may at first see nothing but a vista that calls for thoroughgoing redesign. However, there are many ways to make sure those who teach and lead our children are better prepared and better supported to do their jobs well.

May 2015Volume 15, No. 2

Unfinished Business: Addressing Unequal Opportunities in Education

Student achievement gaps in the United States have persisted, though not at static levels, according to the National Center for Education Statistics. And while the degree to which any particular factor gets blame or credit for widening or narrowing the gaps is debatable, the authors in this issue of The State Education Standard agree that differences […]

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January 2015Volume 15, No. 1

Summer Learning: Engaging All Students

Schools and teachers work hard all year to ensure that every child gets a chance to achieve. Yet the evidence now shows us that if students do not have meaningful summer learning opportunities, they are likely to lose a significant amount of the content they have mastered. That’s why this issue of the Standard focuses on the critical importance of extending […]