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State Innovations

January 2019Volume 24, no. 1

School Leaders' Role in Empowering Teachers through SEL

To implement SEL well, states like California, Illinois, Massachusetts, and Washington are empowering school leaders and educators through "adult SEL" initiatives.

October 2018Volume 23, No. 1

Preparing Diverse, Effective Teachers through Residencies and Induction

Many states are expanding teacher residency and induction programs. 

July 2018Volume 23, No. 1

Focusing on Gaps in Access to Arts Education

How California, Kentucky, and New Jersey worked to identify gaps in access to arts instruction by expanding their collection of data on arts access.

July 2018Volume 23, No.2

Improving STEM Learning through Collaboration

Four state boards are improving STEM learning through revised standards, special diplomas, and promotion of partnerships.

October 2016Volume 21, No. 3

Kansas Loops Stakeholders In on Conversation about K-12 Policy

Kansas made stakeholder engagement central to its ESSA plan and strategic planning, with lessons for other states.

September 2016Volume 21, No. 2

Preparing Computer Science Teachers in Maryland and Arkansas

Maryland and Arkansas are creating pathways to better prepare computer science teachers.

February 2016Volume 21, no 1

West Virginia’s Steady Course on Student Data Privacy

The West Virginia Board of Education’s experience reviewing and adopting its data privacy policies offers lessons for other states.

July 2015Volume 20, No. 2

Common Themes, Individual Approaches: Six States’ Experiences with New Science Standards

In 2014, NASBE awarded stipends to state boards of education in Arkansas, Delaware, District of Columbia, Kentucky, New Jersey, and West Virginia to support Next Generation Science Standards implementation. This piece profiles the work of these six boards and identifies steps toward successful implementation.