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NCOSEA Voice: The Silver Lining of COVID-19

In the face of the stress and anxiety caused by COVID-19, there have been countless examples of people coming together.

We the Media: Communicating in Anxiety-Laden Times

In the face of shifting, sometimes conflicting guidance, reopening schools is easier said than done. For communicating in uncertain times, my advice is this: Manage change with authority.

We the Media: Communicating in Times of Crisis

Effective, clear communications in uncertain times is critical—for parents, policymakers, and the public.

Student Voice: Students Can Help Create the Climate They Want to See

It is what we as leaders do with the data that matters.

From the President's Pen: Are You Ready?

When schools reopen, how ready will the education enterprise be to receive, support, encourage, and serve students?

NCOSEA Voice: Absenteeism: Ramifications for Students, Schools, and Parents

Schools, school boards, and parents must work collaboratively to ensure that all students, regardless of grade level, reap the benefits of being in the classroom.

January 2020Volume 20, No. 1

We the Media: Social Media Policy for State Boards

The World War II-era posters asserting that “Loose Lips Sink Ships” reminded the public that careless talk could undermine the war effort. Fast forward to today, with more people, including public officials, taking to social media to opine on any number of subjects, an apt advertisement might read, “Loose Tweets Sink Fleets.”

January 2020Volume 20, No. 1

From the President's Pen: Evaluating the State Chief

Even more widely varied than how a state board is assembled is its scope of authority, with a few being solely advisory and others totally independent. All state boards have three primary levers: the powers of policy, convening, and questioning.