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The Standard - Column

Student Voice: Removing Barriers to Student Leadership

It is important to encourage students to engage with a wide variety of policymakers.

State Board Voice: Kentucky's Portrait of a Learner

When fully implemented, portraits of a learner become the lever by which teachers, schools, and communities rebalance learning expectations.

NCSBEE Voice: Harnessing Students' Expertise in Communications

When [students] help us create and when we collaborate, we are inspired, and we are more knowledgeable when we write policy and advocate on their behalf.

News & Notes: May 2023

The president is seeking significant increases in the overall education budget.

Student Voice: Hands-On Learning in a Technology-Focused World

A balanced education can help every student achieve the greatest possible success.

The NASBE Interview: Téa Washington, Valli Pendyala, and Joshua Leinwand

The world has advanced so much, but the school system hasn't.

We the Media: Stepping Out on the Public Square

Communications folks can help your board develop media relationships that will lead to better reporting and a keener understanding of the board's policy decisions and initiatives.

From the President's Pen: Diving Deep into What Makes an Amazing High School

There are wonderful, student-centric high schools in every state. My advice is to find them, visit, and probe into what they are doing well.