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Partnering with Families to Improve Youth Mental Health

The youth mental health crisis has led to an influx of federal and state dollars to provide more mental health services in and out of school. Parents are a powerful, yet often overlooked, tool for combatting the youth mental health crisis. However, a Harvard Education School analysis shows that parents’ and teens’ emotional well-being is […]


Building Bridges for Student Mental Health

Building Bridges for Student Mental Health was a joint initiative of NASBE and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) with the goal of establishing and enhancing productive, collaborative, and trustworthy relationships between state education leaders, medical experts, and families to improve student mental health. The project started in 2022 and ended in fall 2023.


Healthy School Facilities Network

NASBE created the Healthy School Facilities Network (HSFN) to build and enhance the capacity of states to provide healthy school facilities. HSFN helped states increase access to healthy school facilities over a 9-month period: September 2022 – June 2023.