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Policy Updates

October 2020Volume 27, No. 9

States Set Criteria for Resuming In-Person Learning

This policy update outlines ways in which states such as Arizona, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Oregon, and Nebraska offer state guidance on reopening criteria.

August 2020Volume 27, No. 8

Involving Teachers in State Education Governance

A growing number of states boards of education see the advantages of involving teachers in policymaking decisions. Many have created a place for a current teacher to serve on the board.

July 2020Volume 27, No. 7

States Make Plans for Reopening

In anticipation of the 2020–21 school year, states have been creating and updating guidance for district and school reopening plans. Several trends emerge.

July 2020Volume 27, No. 6

Remote Learning in Early Childhood

If online learning is not designed with early childhood in mind, many children will not be able to build a strong foundation for their education and will fail to establish the structure and routines that learning requires.

May 2020Volume 27, No. 5

Preparing Facilities for Students' Return in the Wake of COVID-19

To reopen schools, they need to be clean and safe for students, educators, and staff. What state leaders need to consider as they issue guidance for schools.

April 2020Volume 27, No. 4

Supporting Child Care Providers amid COVID-19

Early education and child care centers both large and small are facing financial hardship as a result of the COVID-19 emergency. State boards can play an important role in supporting them during this difficult time.

April 2020Volume 27, No. 3

Continued Learning during COVID-19

States are issuing guidance with an eye toward equity to help schools implement continuous learning for all students and adapt to a variety of needs and circumstances amidst widespread school closures from COVID-19.

April 2020Volume 27, No.2

State Boards Wrestle with Graduation Policy during Pandemic

States acted quickly to suspend end-of-year assessments and amend graduation requirements for high school seniors amid COVID-19. This policy update highlights trends in state guidance around graduation and grade advancement and how some are addressing inherent equity challenges.