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Policy Updates

November 2018Vol. 25, No. 8

The Impact of the 2018 Elections on State Boards of Education

This analysis examines how leadership changes brought about by the 2018 elections will affect state boards.

October 2018Vol. 25, No. 7

States Set Sights on Growth of Low-Performing Students

With the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), states can include a student growth indicator as a measure of school quality in their accountability systems. Most of them do. Nine states also saw this as an opportunity and added a separate growth measure for the bottom quartile and quintile of students.

August 2018Volume 25, No. 6

Collaborating to Support the Early Childhood Workforce

This NASBE policy update explores how NASBE, the National League of Cities (NLC), and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) built up the nation’s early childhood education (ECE) workforce through an effective collaboration.

July 2018Volume 25, No. 5

Expanding and Aligning World Language Teaching

This NASBE policy update discusses ways state boards can bridge the divide between English-only and non-English speakers by promoting policies to increase world language workforce capacity and better align language programs to communities and national need.

May 2018Volume 25, No. 4

Supporting a Diverse Early Childhood Workforce for Dual Language Learners

This NASBE policy update urges state boards of education to adopt a vision for supporting young DLLs that includes developing the cultural and linguistic competence of the ECE workforce.

April 2018Volume 25, No. 2

Leveraging Relicensure Policies to Advance Deeper Learning

This NASBE policy update urges state boards of education to invigorate relicensure policies by embracing multiple tiers that support teachers throughout their careers and implementing requirements such as work portfolios, individual learning plans, and microcredentials. 

April 2018Volume 25, No. 3

Engaging Philosophy in the Quest for K-12 Deeper Learning

This NASBE policy update suggests embedding philosophy instruction in teacher preparation programs to enable teachers to model skills they want students to acquire.

March 2018Volume 25, No. 1

State Mentoring Policies Key to Supporting Novice Teachers

This policy update draws on research, state examples, and the author’s own experience to suggest ways states can better support novice teachers while combating high turnover.