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Policy Updates

June 2022Volume 29, No. 4

Preparing School Leaders for Crises

Leadership preparation programs and state and district leaders all have a role to play in building principals’ capacity to face crises with resilience and lead in ways that best serve students and support and retain teachers.

June 2022Volume 29, No. 3

Building Trauma-Informed School Systems

This analysis highlights ways states can embed trauma-informed practices in mandated teacher training and ensure that schools reduce the risks to teachers from STS.

May 2022Volume 29, No.2

State Strategies to Advance Digital Equity

By spearheading efforts to collect data, collaborate with partners, buy digital devices and infrastructure, and reimagine effective technology use, several states have made strides toward digital equity in schools.

April 2022Volume 29, No. 1

States Build Support for Students Who Are Homeless

Several states are leveraging $800 million under the American Rescue Plan’s Homeless Children and Youth Program to better address the short- and long-term needs of students experiencing homelessness.

November 2021Volume 28, No.6

Empowering Youth to Prevent Suicide

This NASBE analysis highlights state action examples, identifies multipronged approaches to youth suicide prevention, and discusses federal funding opportunities available to states to support peer-to-peer programming.

November 2021Volume 28, No.5

Reengaging Students through Physical Activity

By creating an inclusive culture for physical education and physical activity, state boards can help ensure that every student learns to lead a healthy, active life.

October 2021Volume 28, No.4

Using Federal Funds to Remediate Lead

This NASBE analysis highlights ways state leaders can leverage the current policy climate and available federal funds to better support school districts in lead remediation so that all children have access to clean drinking water in schools.

August 2021Volume 28, No. 3

Promoting School Nurses as Leaders in Reopening Schools

This analysis describes how state boards of education and other state stakeholders can partner with school nurses and state school nurse leaders in forming guidance and making decisions about transitions back to school.