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Winona Hao

Winona Hao, manages NASBE’s Early Childhood Education (ECE) work. She provides state policymakers with ECE policy trends, analyses, and technical assistance. Hao oversees NASBE’s ECE State Network where she supports state teams and works with national partners to advance the workforce for children from birth through age eight.

For eight years, Hao taught children from birth to age five in China and the U.S. As an immigrant, she is a strong advocate for dual language learners and believes all children can thrive through effective early education. Hao also worked at Save the Children and the Institute of Public Policy at the George Washington University, from which she also earned a master’s degree in international education policy.

Latest Contributions

States’ Early Learning Initiatives in 2023 Seed 2024 Plans

By Winona Hao

A new NASBE Policy Update examines state actions in on early childhood education in 2023.

A multi-ethnic group of seven children standing in a row in a school hallway, laughing and smiling at the camera. The little boys and girls are kindergarten or preschool age, 4 to 6 years.

State Advances in Early Childhood Education Seed Plans for 2024

By Winona Hao

In 2023, several states made significant strides toward universal pre-K, increased funding and support for early educators, and improved literacy and math instruction.

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Teachers Need Multifaceted Support to Improve Literacy

By Winona Hao

To improve literacy, states should invest in comprehensive supports for teachers to equip them to deliver high-quality, evidence-based instruction.

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Investing in Early Childhood Workforce Recovery

By Winona Hao

Analysis details how states, including Kentucky, New Jersey, North Carolina and others, are using COVID relief funds to help the early childhood workforce recover from the pandemic.

A female teacher is sitting on the floor with her group of students at a classroom. They are all singing and clapping their hands together to a song.

Michigan Adds Certificate for Birth to Kindergarten Teachers

By Joseph Hedger and Winona Hao

A detail of how the Michigan State Board of Education, working closely with the state education agency, is expanding opportunities to improve early educators’ preparation.