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Early Literacy Work Group

NASBE formed the Early Literacy Work Group so that state board members and staff can learn from national experts about early-literacy trends and research and from other states that have employed effective policies and practices to increase young children’s reading success.

Early Childhood Education State Network

Learn about NASBE's early childhood education state network and workgroup, two professional learning opportunities for state boards of education.

Past Projects

Building Bridges for Student Mental Health

Building Bridges for Student Mental Health was a joint initiative of NASBE and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) with the goal of establishing and enhancing productive, collaborative, and trustworthy relationships between state education leaders, medical experts, and families to improve student mental health. The project started in 2022 and ended in fall 2023.

Healthy School Facilities Network

NASBE created the Healthy School Facilities Network (HSFN) to build and enhance the capacity of states to provide healthy school facilities. HSFN helped states increase access to healthy school facilities over a 9-month period: September 2022 – June 2023.

Student Engagement Collaborative

NASBE’s Student Engagement Collaborative aimed to help center student voice in state education policymaking and pandemic recovery with the goal of improving outcomes for all students. This project occurred between 2021 and 2022.

Teacher Licensure Collaborative

NASBE is partnering with the Learning Policy Institute and other national organizations on the recently launched Teacher Licensure Collaborative (TLC). The collaborative will build on the work of the Educator Preparation Laboratory (EdPrepLab) and Whole Child Policy Table to support states in reviewing and revising state licensure and certification standards that incorporate whole child practices […]

Whole Child Policy Study Group

The Whole Child Policy Study Group deepens state board of education content expertise and public leadership in whole child policymaking in the wake of COVID-19. The pandemic  highlighted longstanding inequities and presented an opportunity to improve the many systems, policies, and practices contributing to student success. State boards play a vital role in ensuring this […]

Civic Engagement Champions Award

Middle school teachers play a particularly strong role in boosting civic knowledge and engagement, helping students become active, responsible citizens. NASBE’s Civic Engagement Champions (CEC) award program honors middle school teachers who promote their students’ active citizenship. The program highlights the work of four outstanding middle school teachers from four states—Maryland, Massachusetts, Illinois, and Washington, […]

Leadership Exchange for Adolescent Health Promotion

LEAHP is a learning collaborative of multi-sector, state-level leadership teams with the goal to develop state-specific action plans in support of policy assessment, development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation to address adolescent health in three priority areas: sexual health education, sexual health services, and safe and supportive environments in schools.

Leading for Equity and Excellence Program

The Leading for Equity and Excellence Program (LEEP) is a professional development resource for state policymakers committed to advancing equity in education.