When nearly every school shut its doors and went virtual at the start of the pandemic, parents and policymakers alike saw firsthand how hard teachers work to ensure that students learn, regardless of the conditions. “Pay teachers a million dollars!” we declared. Fast forward to 2022 and teachers are tired, stressed, sometimes under attack for what they teach, sometimes blamed for missteps in the system. What happened to the love?

Supporting and celebrating teachers starts with changing the narrative about teaching so prospective educators can see it as a worthy, rewarding profession.

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New State Strategic Plans Zero In on Learning Recovery

This NASBE analysis looks at 49 state strategic plans and finds many target learning recovery and other pandemic-related education issues.
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Preschool for All

The state role in early education keeps growing. This Standard details the ways that states have expanded access to quality preschool, the research that supports these efforts, and the growing pains these initiatives are likely to experience.
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Six Questions to Advance Media Literacy and Digital Citizenship

Adolescents consume a lot of screen media, which exposes them to potentially harmful media messages that impacts their physical, mental, and social well-being. Read how some states are equipping students with skills to navigate a complex media landscape.

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