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In the September 2022 issue of the Standard, students from the District of Columbia State Board of Education offered three ways to boost state boards engagement with students: including a student member seat on the board, creating a space specifically for student voice, and requiring student consultation on policy in bylaws. Inspired by what I have seen in my community, state, and state board, I want to provide a few more recommendations to encourage state leaders to support student members in their development as leaders.

Supporting student members from the start of their term leads to an environment where they feel comfortable engaging with adults when tough policy topics arise. Helping student members grow as leaders helps them better represent their peers. Programs like NASBE’s Student Engagement Collaborative and organizations like the National Student Board Member Association have provided me spaces to build relationships with other student members, engage with subject-matter experts, and learn strategies to be more effective.

Student Voice: Removing Barriers to Student Leadership

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