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State Innovations

State Boards Advance Equity Agendas in Challenging Times

State boards of education are uniquely placed to help eliminate the political divides that impede decisive action to end inequities in learning. Nebraska, New York, and North Carolina are three states pushing for meaningful change in their state systems.

Boardmanship Reviews

Learning to Lead for Equity

Many state boards of education put equity at the center of their missions. This piece highlights the work of our Leading for Equity and Excellence Program (LEEP) and how it has coached state boards to be equity leaders.


Leading for Equity and Excellence Program

The Leading for Equity and Excellence Program (LEEP) is a professional development resource for state policymakers committed to advancing equity in education.

Policy Update

State Policy’s Role in Reversing Trend toward Punitive Discipline

State boards of education have the potential to stem the school to prison pipeline through reforming punitive discipline policy. Using their convening power and policymaking authority, state boards can coordinate the efforts of educators, mental health professionals, and law enforcement officials to create more equitable measures and improve school climate.

Policy Update

Will New Teacher Equity Plans Get Closer to the Mark?

According to the US Department of Education’s Civil Rights Data Collection, nearly 96 percent of our nation’s public school teachers are licensed and certified. So why are over a half a million low-income and minority students still being taught in schools with the highest percentages of unqualified and inexperienced teachers? A new NASBE Policy Update explores teacher equity and why state policymakers need to start paying closer attention.