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At our Annual Meeting in Phoenix (Oct. 26–28), the Delegate Assembly will meet to choose new NASBE leadership. Also, NASBE’s annual awards will be presented. We have launched the processes to receive recommendations for the board officer elections and nominations for NASBE 2022 awards. The deadline for NASBE awards and recommendations for NASBE board nominations is May 31, 2022. Please contact Sharon Cannon with questions about board recommendations and award nominations.


NASBE Board of Directors 2022-23 Elections

NASBE members recommend board colleagues for the positions of NASBE chair-elect and area directors for the Central and Western regions on NASBE’s 2022-23 Board of Directors. The election will occur during the Delegate Assembly and during Area Meetings this October. If you wish to recommend someone for these important offices, please refer to the process and forms here. Recommendations from a state require state board action, so please plan ahead.


NASBE 2022 Awards

Each year, NASBE recognizes distinguished leaders for their contributions to improving education. Four awards are designated: Distinguished Service, which is designated for state board members; Policy Leader of the Year; Friend of Education; and the David Kysilko Award. The Awards Committee appreciates having a wide variety of excellent candidates from which to choose in making their recommendations.

We urge all NASBE member states to nominate at least one person or organization in each award category. The mere nomination is a great honor for those so recognized. Read more about the NASBE awards and process for nominating a colleague here.

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Annual Conference 2022

This October 26-29, join us in Phoenix, Arizona for NASBE's Annual Conference, the only conference designed specifically for state board members. Register now!

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