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What the Midterm Election Results Will Mean for State Boards

Everyone is talking about what the 2018 elections will mean for Congress, but state boards of education also face big implications on November 6. Thirty-six states and three territories are holding elections for governor, and many of these governors will appoint new state board of education members and state education chiefs. An additional 49 state board seats are on the ballot, and seven states are holding elections for state chief. No matter where you sit, the midterm elections will undoubtedly change the education governance landscape.

Join NASBE for a postelection webinar on November 13 at 3:00 pm (EDT) to get the inside scoop on the changes coming to state boards in the coming year, as new governors make their state board appointments, and the results of state education ballot initiatives. NASBE’s Kris Amundson and Abigail Potts, along with Reg Leichty of Foresight Law + Policy, will also discuss the election’s impact on federal and state education policymaking and forecast what issues are likely to top state board agendas in 2019.

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This webinar is now on-demand! Watch the full event here.