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The Standard - Column

The NASBE Interview: Dr. Lou Maynus and Joel Coleman

"We have to let them show what they can do and not just tell them they can do it."

NCOSEA Voice: Masks and the Civil Rights of Students with Disabilities

Schools and policymakers face [the challenge of] reasonable accommodations to ensure students with disabilities get meaningful access to education.

We the Media: What Matters Most to Parents

State boards can help parents play an active role in accelerating their children’s learning and development with evidence-based, accessible resources.

From the President's Pen: Committing to Equity for Students with Disabilities

The truth is students with disabilities can master the expectations reflected in state academic content standards.

NCSBEE Voice: Ombudsman Provides Key Link for Families

The state education ombudsman model that DC is using can be adapted in any state.

From the President's Pen: The Pursuit of Goals for Education

In education we can’t seem to get traction, but we can sure get whiplash. Will this time be different?

The NASBE Interview: Dr. Vermelle D. Greene and Dr. Miya T. Simpson

By helping our Black boys, we are going to help all our students.

State Board Voice: The Struggle to Be Seen and Feel Safe

Together, state boards are helping AAPI students be seen and feel safe.

Student Voice: Finding Hope by Finding a Voice

Democracy thrives when primary stakeholders are brought into the picture.