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From the President's Pen: Mind the Gaps

Where are the access and opportunity gaps that you need to bridge in your state?

We the Media: Family Engagement during the Pandemic

State boards should seize every opportunity to help schools strengthen bonds with families.

State Board Voice: School Meals: A Basic Ingredient for Equity

A critical lifeline now, school meals will continue to help level the playing field for future generations of students.

NCOSEA Voice: What State Education Agencies Need to Know about FERPA

State boards can set the vision for sharing data to serve the interests of students, families, and schools.

The NASBE Interview: Fern Desjardins, Robin Stevens, and Sandra Kowalski

The rural perspective needs to be brought to the state board. There are so many implications.

From the President's Pen: Looking in the Mirror

The relentless pursuit of equity and excellence begins at the board table—not at the schoolhouse door.

Student Voice: Teaching Students to the Test

Education should be fun and collaborative. Instead, it produces anxiety and fails to encourage students to love learning.

NCOSEA Voice: The Silver Lining of COVID-19

In the face of the stress and anxiety caused by COVID-19, there have been countless examples of people coming together.

We the Media: Communicating in Anxiety-Laden Times

In the face of shifting, sometimes conflicting guidance, reopening schools is easier said than done. For communicating in uncertain times, my advice is this: Manage change with authority.