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Harnessing the Power of Evidence-Based Policymaking

State boards should lean into education data and work to overcome challenges to doing so.

The Role of Teachers Unions in School Governance during COVID-19

While relationships with school leaders were contentious in places, many districts benefited from collaborative ones.

State Boards and the Governance of Early Childhood Education

As states seek to bring coherence to the disparate systems that have a hand in early education and care, state boards have key roles to play.

State Takeovers: No Silver Bullet for School District Improvement

On average, takeover fails to improve achievement measures, but how it is done matters a lot.

Roadmap to Excellence: Strategic Planning for State Boards

Savvy boards can increase the odds their plans will live, breathe, and have measurable impact.

Effective State Education Governance

No one model is clearly superior, but relationships, talent, and shared loyalty are marks of governance systems that get things done.

Preparing Pre-K Teachers: Policy Considerations and Strategies

Four practices to increase the pool of skilled early educators stand out as promising.

Creating State Education Systems That Value Student Cultures

State boards can set the stage for learning environments that connect and engage all students.

Ensuring Equity in Grow-Your-Own Programs

State-level criteria for programs' design can yield better outcomes in preparing and retaining diverse teachers.