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Policy Updates

New State Strategic Plans Zero In on Learning Recovery

This NASBE analysis looks at 49 state strategic plans and finds many target learning recovery and other pandemic-related education issues.

February 2023Volume 31, No. 1

State Advances in Early Childhood Education Seed Plans for 2024

In 2023, several states made significant strides toward universal pre-K, increased funding and support for early educators, and improved literacy and math instruction.

October 2023Volume 30, No. 6

Empowering Families to Improve Youth Mental Health

State education leaders can foster children’s mental health by increasing families’ preparedness and awareness of available resources and activities.

September 2023Vol. 30, No. 5

Beyond Testing for Lead in Drinking Water: Implications for Funding

While most states encourage or require schools to test for lead in drinking water, funding to sustain remediation lags—despite significant federal grants designed to boost those efforts.

August 2023Volume 30, No. 4

States Face Challenges Building a School Mental Health Workforce

Challenges persist in attracting and retaining this school-based mental health professionals, but some states, including Virginia, Ohio, Colorado, Michigan, and others, are making progress.

June 2023Volume 30, No. 3

States Address Access to Menstrual Products in Schools

States such as Georgia, New York, Utah, and others have increasingly opted to combat “period poverty" by expanding access to free menstrual products in schools.

May 2023Volume 30, No. 2

Teachers Need Multifaceted Support to Improve Literacy

To improve literacy, states should invest in comprehensive supports for teachers to equip them to deliver high-quality, evidence-based instruction.

February 2023Volume 30, No. 1

Preparing Principals through High-Quality Internships

To equip and retain more high-quality school leaders, states can encourage principal internships as a key part of preparation.

December 2022Volume 29, No. 11

Supporting School Efforts to Combat Substance Abuse

Mortality rates from overdose in adolescents rose by 94 percent in 2020, largely due to illicit fentanyl.