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Because math and science permeate daily existence, we can teach these subjects in ways that are relevant to students’ lives. When students see relevance, they become engaged, and when engaged, their desire to succeed increases. Yet without a solid command of mathematical and scientific concepts, students are walled off from many of life’s best opportunities and experiences. I see great progress across the country in reading and literacy.  It’s time to do similar good work in math and science.

Picture Every Student Loving Math and Science

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Leading and Governing

Is there another domestic policy space more complicated than state education governance? In the face of the 50-plus ways of constructing state systems of public education in this country, the authors in this issue of The Standard attempt to tease out what constitutes strong leadership and effective governance.
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Preparing Principals through High-Quality Internships

To equip and retain more high-quality school leaders, states can encourage principal internships as a key part of preparation.

Legislative Conference 2023

NASBE's 2023 Legislative Conference will be held March 19-21, 2023 in Washington, D.C.

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