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State Concussion Policy & Student-Athletes

This webinar is now on-demand! Watch the full event here.

In recent years, states around the country have taken notice of the public’s growing concern over the rising number of student-athletes sustaining concussions. To combat the almost 4 million concussions suffered in the United States per year, many states have started to implement ‘return-to-learn’ and ‘return-to-play’ policies that expand concussion awareness programs to include administrators, teachers, nurses, and other school personnel in an effort to reduce the risk of concussive injury and help students who have sustained a concussion manage symptoms as they return to the classroom.

NASBE recently co-hosted a webinar with the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) to explore state concussion policies and student athletics. Moderated by NASBE’s Kimberly Charis, this webinar features Dr. Stanley Herring and Dr. Gerard Gioia, both global leaders and authorities in brain and spinal injuries, who explained the medical impact of concussions: How to identify if a student-athlete has sustained a concussion, what steps to take if the student-athlete does have a concussion, and what is required for student-athletes to recover properly before they return to the field and classroom. Vanessa Wigand, a principal specialist for health, physical, and driver education at the Virginia Department of Education relates her experience with concussions and return-to-play-and-learn policies in Virginia.

This webinar is now on-demand! Watch the full event here.


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