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Promoting Access to School Health Services for Improved Student Health and Achievement

This webinar is now on-demand! Watch the full event here.

Education and health outcomes are linked. Supported by a large body of evidence tying health to academic achievement, school systems can coordinate policies, processes, and practices to improve both health and learning.

Join NASBE on December 15, 2015, from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. (EDT) as Paula Hall, a school nurse from West Linn Wilsonville School District in Oregon, and John Hill, executive director of the National Alliance for Medicaid in Education, discuss the important relationship between student health and academic success and why school access to high-quality health services and systems such as Medicaid is critical to ensuring primary care and preventive health services for low-income students. Hall will explain how to address complex chronic care and medication needs of students, while Hill shares new information on the “free care rule” that allows schools to obtain Medicaid reimbursement. NASBE will also release a new policy update, Promoting Student Achievement through Improved Health Policy, during the webinar.

This webinar is now on-demand! Watch the full event here.

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