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NASBE Member-only Briefing: An Early Look at Education Week’s Quality Counts 2016

On January 7, Education Week will release its new report, Quality Counts 2016: Called to Account – New Directions for School Accountability.  The 20th edition of the annual report focuses on educational accountability. The report examines how new state and federal strategies are transforming the assessment of school performance, and reshaping the consequences for poor results. As the newly enacted Every Student Succeeds Act raises fresh questions about the future direction of accountability, Education Week journalists explore options for holding schools to high standards while simultaneously improving student achievement.

To complement the report’s journalism, the Education Week Research Center conducted an original analysis of student achievement in the No Child Left Behind era, which highlights results on the National Assessment of Educational Progress from 2003 to 2015. The analysis examines overall achievement, poverty-based gaps, and trends over time.

As always, Quality Counts’ annual report card evaluates the states’ performance across a range of critical indicators. This year’s report issues overall grades for the nation and states and also features newly updated 50-state grades in three of the areas monitored by the report on an ongoing basis: the Chance-for-Success Index, K-12 Achievement Index, and school finance. To provide a comprehensive perspective on state performance, summative grades integrate results for all three of those categories.

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