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Leveraging ESSA’s Title II for Job-Embedded Professional Development

In partnership with the National Conference of State Legislatures, the Learning Policy Institute, and Learning Forward, NASBE is hosting “State Efforts for Building an Effective, Diverse Teacher Workforce,” a series of webinars on how states can ensure their policies help develop and support a diverse pipeline of teachers along a career continuum toward greater mastery and leadership.

Ongoing, relevant professional learning is critical to supporting teachers and improving student outcomes. In the first webinar on Wednesday, March 21, from 3 to 4 pm (Eastern), NASBE’s Don Long, Maria Hyler from Learning Policy Institute, and Stephanie Hirsh from Learning Forward will discuss ESSA Title II opportunities for effective professional learning systems and promising practices at the state and local level. The panel will also address how job-embedded, collaborative learning can help teachers become adept at providing instruction that helps students gain deeper learning skills. Shelley S. Rouser, Delaware State Department of Education, will provide insight into the department’s work with the state board of education on challenges, issues, and decisions in developing state-funded strategies.

This webinar is now on-demand! Watch the full event here.