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Key Strategies for Effective Educational Leadership Policy

On Oct 9, 2014, NASBE co-hosted the joint policy webinar, “Key Strategies for Effective Educational Leadership Policy”, looked closely at ways to strengthen school leadership using various policy avenues.

Policy Partners from CCSSO, NASBE, NCSL, and NGA shared school leadership topics that are currently relevant for each organization and named issues states will likely experience in the upcoming school year. The representatives are,

Cortney Rowland, Senior Policy Analyst, National Governors Association,

Francis Eberle, Deputy Executive Director, National Association of State Boards of Education,

Julie Bell, Group Director, National Conference of State Legislatures, and

Mary Canole, School Leadership Consultant, CCSSO.

Two presenters from Oregon and Colorado explained how policy initiatives provide a practical response to school leader issues in each area. Each approach incorporates key policy actors and important partnerships that ultimately form a supportive school leadership system.

Hilda Rosselli, Director of College and Career Readiness at Oregon Education Investment Board (OEIB), shared the purpose of OEIB and how the collaborative works to better connect effective leadership with college and career readiness.

Katy Anthes, Executive Director of Educator Effectiveness at Colorado Department of Education, summarizes school leadership goals for Colorado and shares which policy partnerships progresses these objectives. The presentation illustrates how the collaborations function and briefly describes strategies.

Click HERE to view the PowerPoint from the webinar. Contained in the slides are resources related to equity, principal leader standards, and more information on the Oregon Education Investment Board. You may also find the live chat, in which presenters and and policy partners responded to a range of questions, useful as well. View the transcript HEREWatch the webinar at this link.