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Aug 25, 2021 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (ARCHIVE)
Filling the Educator Pipeline

Educator shortages and the lack of diversity in the teacher workforce are growing concerns for state leaders across the United States. Earlier this spring, NASBE published an analysis highlighting state efforts in Connecticut, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and North Carolina to increase educator diversity.

Join NASBE on Wednesday, August 25, as we discuss “filling the educator pipeline” with leaders from two of these states, Connecticut and Kentucky. We welcome Dr. Shuana Tucker, chief talent officer at the Connecticut Department of Education, to discuss Connecticut’s efforts to diversify the teacher pipeline and decrease teacher shortages, and Dr. Aimee Green-Webb, chief of human resources at Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Kentucky, who will share how her large urban district was able to improve teacher retention and lessons learned from the experience. Jason Carter will review ETS’s research and other efforts aimed at diversifying the teacher workforce.

Speakers on this webinar include:

  • Shuana Tucker, Chief Talent Officer, Connecticut Department of Education
  • Aimee Green-Webb, Chief of Human Resources, Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Jason Carter, Executive Director, Professional Educator Programs, ETS
  • Robert Hull, President and CEO, NASBE (as moderator)

Webinar Recording

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