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Sep 28, 2023 | 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM | Virtual (ARCHIVE)
Ensuring Testing Practices Are Accessible and Fair

No assessment issue is more important than ensuring fairness for all examinees, especially students who have been traditionally underserved or need additional support. What does it mean for a test to be fair? This session focuses on the questions board members should ask and the evidence that should be reviewed to promote fairness in testing and to ensure that all students are able to access the test to show what they know and are able to do.

This session will cover:

  • Definition of fairness in testing, especially large-scale testing, and its relationship to validity
  • Aspects of fairness to include: Ensuring the test is as relevant as possible to all learners; Promoting accessibility, especially for students with disabilities and English language learners; Guarding against unintended uses and consequences
  • Fairness considerations in design, development, administration, and reporting

Full Session Recording