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Education for the 21st Century: The Role of State Boards in Advancing Deeper Learning

This webinar is now on-demand! Watch the full event here.

State policymakers across the country are increasingly focused on ensuring students not only master key academic content, but that they also learn important skills associated with 21st century success, including critical thinking and problem solving, effective communication, collaboration, and academic mindsets—competencies often referred to as “deeper learning.”

Later this March, NASBE will release its newest issue of The State Education Standard. The issue is dedicated to the topic of deeper learning, and specifically how state policymakers — and state board of education members in particular—are in a position to make a substantial and lasting impact on students’ abilities to develop deeper learning competencies. Instead of a single change in policy, many states are considering a bundle of policy solutions that can lead to more systemic, comprehensive change in deeper learning.

Join NASBE on March 26,2014, from 3:00-4:00 PM (EST) for a webinar discussion about deeper learning competencies, and the role state policymaking plays. Presenters, including Big Picture Learning’s Elliot Washor, the Alliance for Excellent Education’s Robert Rothman, and Illinois State Board Member, Vinni Hall, will discuss some of the policy challenges surrounding deeper learning, and how policies at the local and state level that can empower the development of these deeper learning competencies. The conversation will include on-the-ground examples, and provide participants with national and international context to better understand this important issue.

This webinar is now on-demand! Watch the full event here.