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Communicating About New Science Standards

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Providing clear, accurate, targeted, and timely information has always been a challenge for state board members. With social media, blogs, and a 24-hour news cycle, communications today is even harder to manage. Adopting and implementing new science standards will make news, particularly if those standards set more rigorous expectations, as do the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). This presents state policymakers with challenges but also with new opportunities to inform and engage stakeholders on a complex set of issues.

NASBE is hosting this webinar to help state board members build strategies for developing and executing a comprehensive communications plan to strengthen public awareness and support. It will cover what elements should be included in state boards or state agency communications plans and what state board members can do themselves. We will discuss the implications for the work of state boards and provide examples from states.

Moderated by Dr. Francis Eberle, Deputy Director, NASBE, presenters include Jessica Vavrus, Assistant Superintendent, Teaching and Learning, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction, WA; Dr. Ellen Ebert, Science Director, Teaching and Learning, Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, WA; and Patricia A. Maunsell, Communication Consultant, Widmeyer Communications.

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