The National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) is collaborating with the Arts Education Partnership (AEP) to create policies on a variety of topics that strengthen the arts in state education systems and help state boards learn about the importance of the arts in our nation’s education system, and how they can create effective policy in support of the arts and their overall strategic plan. The keystone of this project is NASBE’s online arts education strategic planning resource designed to help state boards of education develop evidence-based policy. The portal has become a popular planning tool among state board of education members, and many NASBE members are now taking action on many of the policy recommendations NASBE and AEP have made regarding the arts.  This initiative is funded through the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Many resources, made possible through this generous grant, can be found below.
Press Releases/News

“NASBE Partners with AEP on Arts Education Policy Portal”

On March 27, 2013, NASBE Deputy Executive Director Brad Hull and Sandra Ruppert, Director of the Arts Education Partnership, spoke with EduTalk Radio about the intersection of the arts, education and state policy. You can listen to a podcast of the discussion here.

Arts Education Policy Portal: Strengthening Your State Board’s Strategic Plan: Lessons from Arts Research

This interactive website will help you as a state board member apply research-based practices to your strategic plan priorities in any or all of the the following policy areas: Literacy, Mathematics, Graduation Rates/Requirements, Teacher Retention/Engagement, Underserved Students, Career Readiness/21st Century Skills. In the span of 15 to 25 minutes, a state board member can work through one of these modules and walk away with a tailored, self-created policy recommendation printout that identifies specific steps to advance policy in the selected area. Go to the site through the link here.

NASBE Report

The Complete Curriculum—Ensuring a Place for the Arts and Foreign Languages in America’s Schools: The Report of the NASBE Study Group on the Lost Curriculum

Articles from the State Education Standard: “Ensuring a Place for the Arts in America’s Schools”

Editor’s Note

Message from the Executive Director

Finding the Will and the Way to Make the Arts a Core Subject: Thirty Years of Mixed Progress

The Complete Curriculum: Ensuring a Place for the Arts in America’s Schools

For Every Child the Liberal Arts

Developing an Arts Assessment: Some Strategies

Cutting the Arts Imperils Student Achievement

Potent Partnerships: Community-Based Resources for Arts Education

Young Children and the Arts: The Uneven Road to Early Childhood Arts Standards

The NASBE Interview: State Board Member Dorie Combs on Arts Education in Kentucky