Education Issues


How do we know if students are learning and what they are learning. Topics include formative and summative assessments, validity and reliability.

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Curriculum & Instruction

What and how are students learning? Topics include content, thinking skills, issues surrounding subject areas, instructional strategies, learning styles and teacher-student interaction.

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Culture & Climate

In what kind of environment are our children learning? Topics include bullying and harassment, motivation and engagement, safety and security, inclusion, and building construction.

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Education Data Privacy and Security

How can state boards of education ensure the privacy and security of data while allowing for educational innovation? Topics include education data and technology, federal and state privacy laws, statewide longitudinal data systems (SLDS), teacher and student data privacy, state board of education authority over education data, and personalized learning.

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Education Governance

What are the ways in which education is managed? Topics include finance, governance and legal issues.

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What are the major issues surrounding individuals that educate students? Topics include school leadership, teachers and support staff such as counselors.

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Standards & Accountability

What are the large scale outcomes of the education system? Topics include economics, workplace and college success, democratic participation, and community awareness.

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Student Health

What are the health needs for students to learn at their best? Topics include nutrition, physical safety, physical activity, sexual health and healthy non-toxic environments.

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Interactive Classroom

Virtual professional learning for state board of education members.
Interactive Classroom


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