Recognizing the importance of out-of-school time in education, NASBE and The Wallace Foundation are extending their partnership in the exploration of summer learning. The upcoming NASBE work will continue to explore summer learning through the lens of state policy. NASBE developed a discussion guide for board members so they will be able to begin or continue dialogue around these issues. These discussion guides will provide the latest research on the topics as well as questions and insights for addressing the issue through policy.

This year, NASBE has the opportunity through a continued partnership with the Wallace Foundation to engage state board members on this issue using the discussion guide through conference sessions at the 2012 NASBE Annual Conference. Board members will have the opportunity to interact with researchers and leading states and districts on the issue of summer learning utilizing the discussion guide.

In addition, the newly redesigned¬†Wallace Foundation’s Knowledge Center¬†provides a number of useful resources and research reports on summer learning. This is one of the first places to look for answers to some of the most challenging issues in summer learning.

The following are NASBE resources available on the issue of summer learning and out-of-school time.