What is LEEP?

The National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE) established the Leading for Equity and Excellence Program (LEEP) as a professional development resource for state policymakers committed to advancing equity in education. LEEP’s comprehensive educational programming and technical assistance builds the capacity of state boards to ensure equal access to excellent learning opportunities for all students.


Why is LEEP important?

Almost daily, education policymakers are reminded of the role that race and culture play in our society, yet they often lack opportunities for open, honest dialogue about their influence on teaching and learning.

With passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) in 2015, the primary responsibility for ensuring education equity shifted to state policymakers. Likewise, NASBE also shifted in order to sharpen its focus on equity and excellence. LEEP represents the next level of NASBE’s commitment to promote high-quality education for all students by building the capacity of state board members to recognize and address inequities in meaningful, systemic ways.


What does LEEP offer?

LEEP National Cohort

The LEEP National Cohort is for individual members looking for a shared learning experience with a diverse community of professionals from around the country. Participants learn to apply an equity lens to policymaking, engage in courageous conversations about race, and build their capacity to address systems, institutional practices, and cultural perceptions that keep students of varied backgrounds and circumstances from accessing excellent learning opportunities.

During LEEP’s seven-week course, participants learn to:

  • IDENTIFY and engage personal core values to become a more effective leader;
  • INTERPRET multiple perspectives while recognizing their own racial and cultural biases;
  • EXAMINE the influence of political ideologies, cultural perceptions, and economic structures on public education; and
  • DESIGN and promote state-level strategies to remove structural barriers and close achievement gaps.

LEEP Technical Assistance

LEEP Technical Assistance provides targeted support to state boards leading systemic equity transformation. Services are offered through direct consultation with one of our subject matter experts and delivered through one-on-one discussions, small-group facilitation, or customized online training.


Contact Us

Whether you need equity technical assistance or have questions about the LEEP National Cohort, we’ve got the answers. Let us know how we can help.

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Director, Leading for Equity and Excellence Program
National Association of State Board of Education
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