Effective teaching is the number one factor that influences student achievement after accounting for student characteristics. New teachers typically take from between three and five years to teach at a level that maximizes student growth and achievement. Despite these widely accepted findings, many new teachers entering the field do not receive the necessary support or feedback they need to ever develop into effective teachers. New teachers have a host of unique challenges associated with entering the profession beyond instruction in the classroom, such as translating theory from teacher preparation programs into practice, developing classroom management skills, and many times accomplishing these tasks in relative isolation.

To address these challenges, states and districts are increasingly using induction programs to help new teachers transition into a school and provide the critical support these teachers need to begin an effective teaching career. Comprehensive, high-quality teacher induction can accelerate professional growth and teacher effectiveness, reduce teacher turnover, and improve student learning. However, teacher induction involves much more than just assigning a mentor to a teacher as an informal “buddy” to help orient them to a new school. Effective teacher induction provides systemic support to new teachers over at least two years, including opportunities for collaboration with peers, regular formative and evaluative assessment of progress based on state teaching standards, and professional development that is tailored to the challenges a new teacher faces.

Recognizing the importance of comprehensive teacher induction, NASBE and the New Teacher Center,  a national non-profit dedicated to improving student achievement by accelerating the effectiveness of new teachers, partnered to develop a discussion guide for state boards of education and policymakers that provides up-to-date research on issues in teacher induction, elements of comprehensive teacher induction, examples of state-level action and a guiding framework for boards to conduct a meaningful conversation around teacher induction.

To download a copy of the discussion guide, see below or click on the image.