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Next Generation Science Assessments by Francis Eberle Policy Update 21, no. 4

PU #1Policy Update: The Next Generation Science Standards

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) are a revision of the 1996 National Science Education Standards. Previously states used the National Science Education Standards from the National Research Council and Benchmarks for Science Literacy from the American Association for the Advancement of Science as their guide for writing  their state standards or simply adopted one of these two documents for their state science standards. This first Policy Update about the NGSS discusses what is distinct about the NGSS from prior science standards and issues for state boards to consider when thinking about adopting them.

PU #2Policy Update: The Next Generation Science Standards: Implications of Adoption

 This Policy Update specifically discusses questions around how much of the NGSS is to be adopted, how much of a change are they from previous standards, and the implications for curriculum and instructional materials. A number of questions bear asking as state boards seek to determine what the NGSS will really mean for their states such as; How much of a change are they from previous standards?  Are they high quality and more rigorous than previous standards? What will they mean for professional development, pre-service training, and science assessments?

front page photoPolicy Update: The Next Generation Science Standards: Implications of Adoption–Part 2

This Policy Update is the second one dealing with policy areas related to implementation. Specifically it discusses graduation requirements,  professional development, 21, no. 4pre-service training and certification of teachers, and science assessments. These policy issues can be supportive or a barrier of the implementation of the NGSS. An examination of current policies will help state boards learn if changes are needed.

ngss grad rates policy brief_image

Policy Update Graduation Requirements and Next Generation Science Standards

Your state has adopted Next Generation Science Standards, but now you have to set  graduation requirements that support the vision of NGSS. ThisPolicy Update highlights the trends in setting science graduation requirements and the steps states should take to review and revise them.


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New Science Standards: A Readiness Assessment for State Boards of Education
Report Cover for New Science Standards Readiness Assessment, Click Image to download reportImplementing, revising, adapting, or adopting new academic standards is a significant undertaking that requires extensive support, planning, and resources. Where do state policymakers begin? New Science Standards: A Readiness Assessment for State Boards of Education, guides state boards of education through the complex process of reviewing, adopting, and implementing new science standards, such as the Next Generation Science Standards.

Central to the resource is a “self-assessment matrix” that walks states through a series of questions to gauge their overall readiness to adopt and implement science standards, identify gaps, determine which processes and policies are appropriate, and monitor progress toward implementation. The guide also includes suggestions for policymakers to begin communicating key decisions to the public.