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Robert Hull

President and CEO Robert Hull came to NASBE in 2014, capping a 40-year career in education reform. He first directed NASBE’s work on college, career, and civic readiness before being named deputy director, and NASBE’s Board of Directors chose him to lead the association in 2018. Hull brings classroom, administrative, and policy experience to his work at NASBE. He began teaching elementary school in West Virginia’s Putnam County School District and was a principal there for eight years. He served as Putnam County’s assistant superintendent of curriculum and instruction and directed  its early childhood education, federal programs, and community outreach. Named West Virginia’s associate superintendent of schools in the division of teaching and learning in 2010, he oversaw state programs on educator quality, early learning, career and technical innovation, federal programs, and policy development and deployment for Common Core State Standards and Smarter Balanced assessments. Hull has a background in fine arts and is an advocate for integrating all things creative and innovative in classrooms everywhere.

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