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We invite state board members to participate in a study group uniquely designed to build your content expertise, policy strategies, and public leadership to meet the social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs of students and school personnel in the wake of and recovery from COVID-19. The Whole Child Policy Study Group is being convened in partnership with the Learning Policy Institute and will launch in late June 2020.

As you know well, the COVID-19 pandemic upended education as we knew it and has confronted schools across the nation with a multitude of unforeseen challenges. It has shined an even brighter light on long existing inequities and brought forth an opportunity to improve the many systems, policies, and practices contributing to student success. State boards play a vital role in ensuring this education ecosystem is based on sound research, partnership, and equity so that students of all backgrounds and circumstances are prepared to succeed in school, work, and life. As we aim to rapidly respond to your needs and areas of interest, NASBE has secured funding to facilitate this collaborative study group and provide tailored technical assistance in this area of whole child policymaking.

Participation in this study group is limited to 20 state board of education members on a first come, first served basis and will begin in late June 2020 and conclude at the end of April 2021. Study group members will benefit from knowledge sharing by national policy experts, virtual professional development sessions, collaboration with peers, ongoing technical assistance, access to resources for engagement with state and national press, and opportunities to author NASBE publications or be highlighted in NASBE publications for policy leadership. Learn more and complete this form by June 24, 2020 to secure your spot in the study group. A welcome package, including a detailed schedule of activities, will be distributed to participants on June 26, 2020.

We look forward to having a strong cadre of committed leaders participate in this study group which NASBE will highlight on the national level through our engagement with the press, national partners, Congress, the Administration, and education field writ large.

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