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Megan Blanco

Megan Blanco’s policy work focuses on student health and well-being. She brings more than a decade of experience in education delivery, policy analysis, coalition building, and government relations to this work. Blanco served as a senior legislative assistant at the Corporation for National and Community Service under two presidential administrations before joining NASBE. In this role, she supported agency leadership and Congressional offices in advancing policy solutions that enabled more Americans of all ages to serve and be change agents in their communities. Previously, she served as an advisor to U.S. Senator Mary L. Landrieu and specialized in education, appropriations, child welfare, national service and social welfare issues. She began her career as a Kindergarten teacher in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and is a proud graduate of Louisiana State University and the George Washington University.

Latest Contributions

States Build Support for Students Who Are Homeless

By Megan Blanco

Several states are leveraging $800 million under the American Rescue Plan’s Homeless Children and Youth Program to better address the short- and long-term needs of students experiencing homelessness.

Teacher Licensure Collaborative

By Megan Blanco

NASBE is partnering with the Learning Policy Institute and other national organizations on the recently launched Teacher Licensure Collaborative (TLC). The collaborative will build on the work of the Educator Preparation Laboratory (EdPrepLab) and Whole Child Policy Table to support states in reviewing and revising state licensure and certification standards that incorporate whole child practices […]

Image of Tired Little Boy. Image Credit: iStock

Six Questions State Boards Should Ask about Student Mental Health

By Megan Blanco

There is an acute need for increased services, education, and supports for student mental health. Here are six questions to frame state board discussions on promoting student mental health.

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Empowering Youth to Prevent Suicide

By Holly Wilcox and Megan Blanco

This NASBE analysis highlights state action examples, identifies multipronged approaches to youth suicide prevention, and discusses federal funding opportunities available to states to support peer-to-peer programming.

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Reengaging Students through Physical Activity

By Kelly Cornett and Megan Blanco

By creating an inclusive culture for physical education and physical activity, state boards can help ensure that every student learns to lead a healthy, active life.